Week 4: Digital Narratives: Displaying Images and
Type Dynamically


Webzine Checklist

Take a look at your files. Make sure this is what your folder structure looks like

Internet History & Displaying Images and Type Dynamically through Networking

Handcoding Round Robin Part II

"A little bird told me, “Hyperlinks are the oxygen of the web.” How many links can you make in one writing (poem, prose, manifesto, etc.)?" - Laurel Schwulst

Can you create a writing that transmits a feeling of unknowable depths? This prompt is to inspire you to share a tale through network-like links. Similar to the exercise we did about folder-poetry, you can click on links within HTML to build narratives or maybe even worlds. Here are a few prompts to help you and a partner get started:

Homework: Network Stories

Further the design of your handcoding exercise and publish it to your folder.