Week 1: Orientation

  • Arrival
  • Hello & Mini Welcome
  • Introductions
    • Include the story of your name, where you’re based, and any way of describing yourself that feels good. This does not need to be formal or professional, it could be nondescript or could share your intentions. This is just a way for us to get to know each other :)
  • HTML: Nesting and Gathering ~ Exquisite Corpse Hand coding
  • Share
  • Our Webzine Are.na page
  • HW: Welcome to my Homepage ~ My Website is a ______

What is a website anyway?

A semi-neurotic thought spiral about websites

A website has ever-evolving definitions, and depending who you are asking, the answer would most likely vary. A website might be space to collect, hold memories, connect. It might be a place to trade, sell and grow. It could be a space to explore and a never ending labyrinth for discovery. Do we always need to search or can we be still on the internet?

What is the relationship between the internet to a website? The internet is to ______, as a website is to _________.

That leads me to then ask what affordance does a website provide for a human? In interactive design, according to Adobe, affordances are "a relationship between a person and a physical or digital object." Human to website affordances yield a result. What result do you hope a website you create will yield?

Homework: "Welcome to my home page"

My Website is a ________________________________

We are returning to the early days of the internet and establishing our own home pages. This can be a page that you feel would invite a visitor like you would when you open your door to your home. But continuing the theme as website as a metaphor, what is your website? You can respond to this prompt by articulating your idea however you would like. Is it cool drawings or doodles that you want to share? A poem or short story, even? A map to your favorite place or maybe even a made up land? What ever it is, this is your first web page in our collective web zine. So you should introduce yourself the best way you know how.